Michaelchurch: Saving wall-paintings

St Michael's Church, Michaelchurch, Herefordshire

At St Michael’s church, Herefordshire, medieval wallpaintings have been threatened by a rising water table and inadequate drainage, causing dampness to penetrate the wall surfaces leading to bacterial growth that is beginning to damage the wallpaintings. The very complete set of wallpaintings, mostly display masonry-pattern and geometric designs. We have started the essential work of remodelling the drains and carrying out remedial conservation on the wallpaintings. We’ll then monitor the church through the winter to assess the effect of the improved drainage.

St Michael’s is a charming church in an idyllic setting in the Herefordshire countryside. It is a rare surprise to find such a complete set of medieval wallpaintings here, which is all the more reason to ensure their conservation.

Exterior view of Church of St Michael, Michaelchurch, Herefordshire